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Now That’s a Nature Walk!


My little geekling and I took our usual routine weekend nature walk ‘on the road’ today with a 10k race along the ocean.  This is the view from the parking garage – the starting line was down at the far end of the boardwalk. I love doing these races with her (we usually do around couple per year ranging in distance from 5k to half marathon), but I think we’re at the point where we’re going to have to figure something else out because she’s gotten way too tall for our old, faithful, beat-up jogging stroller.  Time to start taking her on those 1-mile family fun runs and working our way up from there, I guess!  At least that way at the end we won’t have a kid who’s been sitting still and a mama who is exhausted.

Our wildlife observations today included many, many seagulls, at least two dozen dogs, several other kinds of sea birds, and the surfers.  We also got in some top-quality people-watching.  Races are always great for people-watching.  I think the highlights for her were the two Amtrak trains and the highway patrolman who waved at her – not things we get to see on our usual route!  Oh, and of course a finisher’s medal to add to her growing collection.  That’s how I bribe her to behave herself in the stroller throughout the longer races – snacks, coloring books, leaves, rocks, flowers, and the shiny finisher’s medal at the end are a surefire way to get us through even a half marathon.

Short post today because I’m exhausted and the laundry is calling.


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