Longing for LonCon3

Clearly I need to figure out some way to either 1) make way more money or 2) get paid to go to cons.  Because I would pretty much give my right arm to be one of the people headed to LonCon3 right now.  London is this year’s location for the World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon), home of the Hugo awards, a global collection of amazing geeks, and much mischief and fun.  Alas, a trip to London was not in the budget by a long shot.  

We did still get to go to the North American Sci-Fi con in Detroit DetCon1) so I can’t complain.  Much.  But I will be following the events in London with much jealousy and longing!  Someday… someday, Gadget, I will make it to one of the overseas WorldCons.

Can’t wait to see who the Hugo winners are this year – and who wins the bid for 2016, since there is some fierce competition between Kansas City and Beijing, the first-ever bid for a location in China.  Fun as Beijing would be, I’m hoping for Kansas City – that one is a do-able distance- and budget-wise and could be combined with visiting family in the area.  The site for 2015 has already been decided (Sasquan, in Spokane).  Not sure I’ll be able to get time off for that one, but certainly will try.  Otherwise our one con next year will probably be LosCon.

Are you going to London?  What are you looking forward to most at LonCon3?


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