Book Review(s): Shift and Dust

I have finally finished all the Silo World books by Hugh Howey – all of them written to date, that is (if you’re reading this, Mr. Howey, I would be quite happy to read more!).  The series began with Wool, which I already reviewed here.  Next in the series is Shift, and the (current) end of the saga, Dust.

downloaddownload (1)

The last two books were every bit as good as the first book – engaging characters, interesting plot twists, and a uniquely fascinating world.  The last two books jump around a little more, giving you the story from long before, during, and immediately after the events in Wool.  Howey artfully jumps around between the events leading up to the creation of the silo, current events in the silo, and a few scenes in between those two periods to tie it all together.

You do finally get to find out how and why the silo was made (and who was behind it).  And that’s all I can really say without spoiling it for you!


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