Lands End Science Shirts for Girls?

While I appreciate the efforts of Lands End and their responsiveness to the customer base in making their new line of science t-shirts for girls, I don’t quite understand why this is necessary.  I totally want more science stuff for girls; what baffles me is the need for separate ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ sizing on t-shirts.  A t-shirt is a t-shirt.  And boys and girls are shaped roughly the same until puberty.

My daughter is skinny, but got my broad-shouldered build.  ‘Girl’ t-shirts usually end up too short and too tight in the shoulders long before she outgrows them anywhere else.  This is especially a pain with long-sleeved shirts – we have to go up a size to fit her shoulders, and then roll the sleeves up.  So given a choice, I just buy her ‘boy’ shirts anyway.  Plus, you know, there’s her Spiderman obsession, and I have yet to find a ‘girl cut’ Spiderman shirt.

So if you’re only looking for more ‘feminine’ styled shirts for your kids (i.e. slim-cut shirts with teeny shoulders that have cute little gathers in them), these Lands’ End t-shirts may be for you.  And if not, we can all continue to ignore the fashion industry’s desire to make more money off gendered clothes and just buy ‘general kids play clothes’ – which unfortunately seem to only be in the boys’ department still.

Do you only shop for your kids in the girls or boys department, or do you venture across the aisle once in a while?


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