Girl Genius – webcomics, comic books, and novels

As a follow-up to last week’s list of favorite webcomics, I checked out one of my brother’s recommendations, Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio.  I had seen their (Hugo-winning) books on display in the dealer’s room at various cons but had never gotten around to actually reading any – and I had no idea that they now have a free online webcomic to read in addition to the print books.

Today I checked out Girl Genius, and it’s awesome.  The storyline sucked me in right away.  The art is lovely, with diverse characters shaped mostly like real people, not creepy disproportionate stereotypical comic book people.  The storyline is fun, and chock full of mad genius-y goodness, terribly dastardly villains, and a bona fide Girl Genius.  The authors describe it as ‘gaslamp fantasy’ rather than Steampunk, which I think is a very fitting description.

I would definitely recommend this for the tween-and-up crowd, and perhaps even for kids as young as ten if your kid is already into reading comics or very precocious.   I’m looking forward to working my way through the archives and catching up on Agatha’s adventures.  It’s good reading for adults, and shows a solid strong female character for younger kids looking for good (and unusual) role models.

You can read it online as a webcomic, or purchase the comic books and novels.  There are also apps (I love the paper doll app) and other fun merchandise.  Check all of the goodness out here.

Are you a Girl Genius fan?  Do you have other recommendations for great comics with strong female characters or that show how cool science is?

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  1. Yes there is no denying, I do like Girl Genius but if you ask me what makes me delightful ( like you did with your brother), the answer will be ‘Cyanide and Happiness’. I want you to check it! Thanks for sharing this wonderful review


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