Would you live underground if the place was awesome enough?

I would absolutely love to live in an old missile silo or communications bunker.  There’s so much history there, and they are such very cool and unique old places.  Not to mention that they tend to sell for a fraction of what they took to build back in the Cold War heyday.  And you can do some very cool stuff with them.  Here’s a video of one that has been fixed up really nicely.

We have seriously been considering buying one and fixing it up one of these days – probably wouldn’t happen until we retire, but in the meantime it’s fun to look at them.  I just wish they weren’t mostly in places we don’t particularly want to live.  My two favorite websites to stalk future sites are:

20th Century Castles


Hardened Structures

Sometimes they have other fascinating properties that are also pretty mind-blowing, like this video of an old Army storage facility that was in a limestone mine.  It’s seriously huge.  Like multiple city blocks huge – it has streets with speed limits.  It’s over 125 acres.  Underground.   Totally reminds me of the rebel camp in Heinlein’s Revolt in 2100 (actually, I wonder if this facility may be what inspired it).

Here’s a history of the facility, if you’d like to know more.

Would you live in an old missile silo?



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