My Favorite Webcomics

Playing off of yesterday’s post, there are a lot of very popular – and extremely geeky – webcomics out there.  Here are my favorites.  Please note for those with kids/youth that comics marked with an asterisk (*) sometimes have adult themes/content or profanity.

The Oatmeal*

Cyanide and Happiness*


Questionable Content*

Girls With Slingshots*

Surviving the World


No longer coming out with new comics but worth reading from the beginning anyway:

Absurd Notions 

User Friendly (arguably the geekiest webcomic of all time)


What are your favorite webcomics?  Can you recommend any that are better geared towards kids?

Also, if you have never read the complete Calvin & Hobbes, do it.  Do it now.  With your kids, if applicable.


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One response to “My Favorite Webcomics

  1. Sorry I took so long to reply on this one. Here’s my full list of webcomics I follow; there’s a few that I’m actually surprised you’re not following already:

    Girl Genius ( The steampunk adventures of the heiress to the greatest family of mad scientists in an alternate-history Europe.

    Widdershins ( A series of separate stories, all set in the same magical steampunk world.

    Tragedy Series ( Surreal single-frame comics drawn in 19th-century sepia-tone style.

    Help Desk ( Satire of the computer industry, centered on an alternate version of Microsoft run by a Sauron-esque evil overlord.

    General Protection Fault ( Nominally about a small software company, but the employees fend off sinister plots for global domination and experience multi-dimensional adventures.

    Darths and Droids ( Uses actual frames from the movies to re-tell the Star Wars story as if it were being played by an RPG group.

    Sluggy Freelance ( I really can’t come up with a brief description which does this justice, but it chronicles the gonzo adventures of a very strange group of friends. Mixes humor, adventure, and drama in a way that shouldn’t work but does.

    Guilded Age ( A two-layer story about the adventures of a group of characters who don’t realize that they are stuck inside a WoW-like MMO, and the corporation which created that world using a mix of technology and magic.

    Everblue ( This one is updated very infrequently, but consistently. Adventures in a world where solid land is a legend, and lost technologies are being re-discovered.

    These last two are complete, but still worth reading:

    Funny Farm ( A group of odd friends on various hijinks; features an evil PC bent on global domination.

    Geek Hero ( A software programmer experiences strange adventures.


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