A PSA for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the holiday in which we remember the sacrifices of those who perished in our country’s wars.  Veteran’s Day is the day where we remember all who have served, both living and dead.  Thanking Veterans is always appreciated, but when someone thanks me for my service on Memorial Day, I always think in my head, “But I’m not dead yet!

Also, if you really want to do something for Memorial Day or really any day… then actually go do something.  Don’t just say thanks and slap a ‘support our troops’ magnet on your car or watch a parade.  Offer to babysit for someone whose spouse is deployed (and remember that many of those spouses are male, they aren’t all wives!); go visit some lonely folks in the VA hospital; volunteer to beautify a Veterans cemetery or memorial that’s fallen into disrepair; write to your congresspeople about your feelings on the ongoing wars, or the outrageous disaster that is the VA medical system.  Don’t just pay lip service.


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