You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Really, really rough week at work. Lots of people problems, and lots of big projects leading to very long hours. Today I just barely managed to make myself go work my aggression out at the gym for a bit instead of through a bottle of wine and a bunch of chocolate.

The wrist injury is putting a real damper on my workout style. My favorite workouts are swimming, kettlebells, yoga, going for a bike ride, and lifting weights. All of which are things I can’t do with a wrist injury.  Well, I can do kickboard work in the pool (boring) and limited yoga (also pretty boring and not terribly effective).

My knees don’t handle running too well anymore, but I’ve walked up to half marathon distance. Unfortunately, my little geekling has outgrown the stroller. We still go on our walks together, but at a more… leisurely pace with her walking.  It’s a pace that involves an obsessive need to try sitting on every bench we pass, and collecting every leaf and a water break every quarter mile.

So with all that in mind, does anyone have suggestions for good workouts that don’t need a healthy wrist and/or knees?  Especially looking for things that I can do with a small child along (or just watching and laughing, which is what she usually does during yoga).


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