Creating a “Space” Space

If you happened to be wondering what a space-themed, gender-neutral kids’ room can look like, look no further!  I’m not going to show the whole room, because putting the detailed contents of my daughter’s room on the internet seems awfully creepy, but I will put close-ups or stock photos of as many of the items as I can.

If it’s something that can be bought online, there will be a link from the photo.  If it’s from a store, I’ll try to remember which one.  If it’s one of the wonderful homemade items, I hope you have as many talented crafty relatives and friends as I do.

Some of these items have been outgrown and are in storage for the next kid, but most are still in her room receiving loving use.

Boppy cover with stars and rockets (which I sadly could not find for sale anymore):


Light-up mobile with clear acrylic moons and stars with LED lights.  It didn’t get hung this move because it would interfere with the ceiling fans, and I couldn’t find a picture of the exact one.  It looked a little bit like this one, though:

Rocket night light (unfortunately discontinued):


Lamaze Space baby gym.  I don’t remember it being nearly that expensive.  Maybe it’s ‘rare’ now?


Space ceiling fan/light (my personal favorite!):


Rocket lamp, which we use as a giant night light so we put a red bulb in it.  Also, I definitely paid less for it than the one I found here:


Rocket pillow from Target:


Star-print crib sheets from Target:

images (1)

Framed pictures of each of the planets in the solar system – the set of prints I got one year for free for renewing either my Space Society or Planetary Society membership (can’t remember which), and the frames I bought on clearance through  I thought the yellow would provide a nice, cheery contrast to the dark prints.  Wall decals are from Target.


Rocket storage box, found at Ross, and solar system rug (the small size):


Growth Chart from Amazon (customized with her name, not shown):


Rocket rug:


Not shown: Lots and lots of glow-in-the-dark stickers.

In the homemade category:

Star blanket

photo 4

Space quilted pillow

photo 2

Cross-stitch from my amazingly talented MIL


Space pillowcases (I actually made these – they’re about the extent of my sewing skills).  Currently in use so wrinkly and taken in bad light!

photo 3

photo 1

What else would you love to see in a space-themed nursery?

What are some other good gender-neutral geek themes for kids rooms?


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