Geek Valentine’s Day – Haikus and Anatomically Correct Chocolate Hearts

First, I think this is the best chocolate heart ever:


Second, this is what happens when you get stuck in the pharmacy line for too long – haikus start to form.

Let me know your favorite, or add your own in the comments!


Socially awkward

But I really like you lots

Say it with a text


Roses can be red

But lots of other colors

Please be more precise


I like sci-fi stuff

And fantasy and gaming

Share my obsession


I’ll orbit your heart

Make me your satellite

Please be my planet


I love you.  I know.

He’s my brother.  Han smiles.

Smirks get good kisses?


Kirk gets all the girls

But Picard is so yummy

Love me?  Make it so.


Gave up forever

Aragorn is so worth it

But daddy is mad


What’s that, my precious?

Will I be your valentine?

Yesss, we wants to, yesss!


Let’s do some cosplay

I will be your lovely Rogue

You be my Gambit


I should tell you that

All my base are belong to

You my geeky love


Share jelly babies

Saving the world. Fantastic!

Rose Tyler I love ——


Used to be fighter

Then took arrow to the knee

Now I am lover


Be my symbiote

Never be a parasite

Working together



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5 responses to “Geek Valentine’s Day – Haikus and Anatomically Correct Chocolate Hearts

  1. Scarf and black trench coat.
    Shouldn’t love sociopaths,
    But I am SHER-locked.



  2. These are awesome beyond words!


  3. Ben wanted to join in the geeky fun!

    Captain Jack Harkness:
    He can’t die naturally.
    Then: The Face of Boe.


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