Smogasbord of Geek Parenting Resources

As promised, I’ll share some of my favorite geek parenting resources here – places to buy things, places to get ideas, educational resources, and some sites with a little of everything.

Please share in the comments if you know of more and I’ll add them to the lists.  I plan to put up a new resource list monthly as I discover new things and more readers share their favorites.  And then I’ll probably go spend money that I shouldn’t at the geek shopping sites you send my way…

One of my favorite geeky t-shirts.  I probably have too many.

One of my favorite geeky t-shirts. I probably have too many.

Next month I also plan to add an apps and games section to this, so please send me any ideas you have for that as well.  There are so many apps out there I couldn’t possibly try them all, let alone review them.

General Geek Parent Resources:

  • GeekMom – multi-topic blog about all things related to geek parenting
  • GeekDad – ‘brother’ site of GeekMom
  • How to Grow Your Geek – more multi-topic geek parenting in blog form
  • GirlStart – program to empower girls in STEM; runs camps, after school programs and more

Educational Geek and STEM Kid Resources:

  • NASA Kids Club –  pictures, games, and videos, geared to a variety of age levels
  • Stem-Works – resources for STEM education, outreach, and career information
  • Engineering for Kids – STEM education, workshops, after-school programs and even parties for kids age 4-14
  • Discovery Channel Kids – good stuff, but also very commercialized.  I love the MythBusters lab
  • PBS Kids science section – good apps and games, featuring some of your kids’ favorite characters.  I like the one where Curious George gets to launch the rocket.
  • EurekAlert – American Association for the Advancement of Science site.  It may not be as flashy as the commercial websites, but it has really good content.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy – tons of great home experiments with good photos and easy-to-follow directions.
  • Funology – crafts, games, science experiments, parent and teacher resources
  • ScienceBob – science fair experiment ideas, more do-at-home experiments, and a really great list of links to places to do research broken down by topic (plants, animals, planets, insects, human body, etc.)
  • Geek Kids – apps for programming, How it Works, and chess academy
  • Pinterest – just do a search for your favorite fandom, and I guarantee you will find some great crafts and activities.

Geek Shopping Resources:

  • Thinkgeek – toys, games, clothing, books.  Warning: you will spend hours at this website.  And too much money.
  • A Mighty Girl – this site links to lots of other great places as well, tons of variety of books, games, clothing
  • HerUniverse – clothing for girls and women; mainly Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Battlestar Galactica
  • Neatoshop – more clothes, toys, books.
  • STEMfinity – sells kits for all kinds of STEM experiments and activities, for pre-k through high school and covers everything from robotics to alternative energy to forensics
  • Cafe Press and Zazzle, which let you pick from a lot of designs or put your own custom design on shirts, mugs, etc.
  • Geek-a-bye baby – baby-specific, mostly hand-crafted
  • Etsy (especially for Star Wars and Dr. Who.  Some really great stuff can be found here!)
  • Snorg Tees – a general t-shirt shop, but they have a lot of geek stuff
  • Off World Designs – lots of fun and witty tees, more obscure fandoms than most, and they also make tees for specific conventions.
  • Geek Baby Clothes – also baby-specific

Also be on the lookout for local resources in your area.  See if there is a robotics club, maker group, Arduino meetup, sci-fi convention, or STEM camp near you.   Your local library or bookstore may also have some wonderful programs.  These local shops, groups, and services are often the best places for you and your kids to discover new things together, and to learn hands-on just what there is to love about all things geeky and nerdy.


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