The Incredible, Edible Minion

I got home late from work and the house is still full of sick people.  So, without further ado, tonight I give you a very short post showcasing an awesome geeky craft to enjoy with your kids: minion cupcakes!  And yes, they looked better on Pinterest.  But mine are still pretty cute, for a not-very-artistically-talented baker.


I made these a while back as a thank-you for a friend who was kind enough to pet-sit for us, and happens to love the minions (who doesn’t, right?).  I’ll add that this is the one and only time twinkies have ever been in my house.  Ever.   Also, the twinkies were hard as rocks by the second day so you either need to eat these quickly, or just pull off the twinkie and treat it as one giant, inedible-but-adorable decoration while you enjoy the cupcake.  This will also save you from a mouth dyed black by the somewhat creepy black gel frosting.

You can make these with any type of cupcake and frosting, and twinkies cut in half.  Use a fine decorating tip and your own decorating frosting, or you can cheat like me and buy a little tube of pre-made decorating gel and some sugar eyeballs (these are also great for making Sesame Street Characters).

And remember – baking is not just an art, it’s a science.  Delicious science.



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2 responses to “The Incredible, Edible Minion

  1. sophiebowns

    Minions are sooooo cute! ❤


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