Indoor Activities

My husband has pneumonia, and this morning I woke up with my chronic sinusitis flaring up rather badly.  Like puffy eyes, blocked ears, and feeling like the whole left side of my face was clubbed repeatedly with a coconut bad.  So we mostly stayed inside, and, I am ashamed to admit, gave the kid free reign with the ipad for…  most of the day.  Let’s just say it was more screen time than a kid should normally have in a week.  We did some reading, we did some laundry, I did filing and paperwork, but she clearly had way more energy than two sick adults were going to be much help with.

So today’s post is part list and part begging for things to add to the list because it’s far too short.  What are your favorite rainy day, sick day, or just I-need-to-get-stuff-done day strategies for keeping kids busy at home?  Preferably things that are safe/educational/cheap/geeky.  Bonus points for things that a young kid can do on her own with little-to-no supervision while the parent(s) quietly drink tea on the couch while willing their respective lungs/heads not to explode.  Or things that will also entertain the needs-to-be-walked-more border collie.

Today we covered things like:

  • Dress up
  • Blanket forts
  • Twirling until you fall down dizzy.  In overalls with a tutu.  I did not partake in the twirling – just watching was enough to make me queasy.
  • Books.  And some more books, and then some books.  And did I mention if I have to read A Chocolate Moose for Dinner one more time it’s going out the window?
  • Helping mom fold laundry (which mostly consists of knocking the piles over at this point, although she’s pretty good at pairing up socks)
  • Floor puzzles and wooden trains.  Which seem to be kryptonite to my patience, for some reason.  Man, doing a puzzle with a toddler can make me crazy beyond reason, and I don’t know why.
  • Art.  Lots of art.

More ideas, anyone?  This is really more a cry for help than a blog post because, um, tomorrow is Sunday, and the adults are both still sick, so we need to get through round two.

At least Little Darth Cook will bring you a nice tray when you’re under the weather:




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2 responses to “Indoor Activities

  1. Bryna

    I make a “race track” out of masking tape/painter’s tape and let them go nuts with cars. Make sure to include turns, obstacles, etc. Up the side of the couch, over the top of this throw pillow, around the giant bear (oh no don’t get eaten). It takes about 10 min to set up, no maintenance and keeps them busy and engaged for long chunks of time. I sometimes leave it up for over a week and just vacuum over the tape.

    Balloon rockets: tape a straw to an inflated balloon (do not tie balloon), tie one end of a long piece of string to a door knob, feed string through straw, have kiddo hold the loose end of the sting, and let go of balloon. We practiced seeing how far we could get it to go down the hallway. What makes it go farther? What happens when you stand on a chair and the balloon has to go uphill? What happens when the balloon has more/less air in it? Can the balloon go around a corner? This might not be the best for when you are feeling ill, because I got lighted headed blowing the balloon up long before they got tired of the game.

    Play dough. We make our own with cooking ingredients so if they eat it, no biggy. That way I don’t feel like I have to watch every second. We like to involve a lot of texture. Action figure foot prints, lego imprints, garlic press, piping bag with different tips, a dry sponge. This makes a bit of a mess but keeps my kids largely quiet and busy for at least an hour. Perfect for migraine days. Wiping up the coffee table and vacuuming the area rug isn’t to bad for the time they are playing.

    Silly Sludge: Sloppy, droopy, gooey, but miraculously not messy! I saw on another pin you can use it to clean your keyboard! My two year old ground it into his hair, and it came out cleanly with warm water and a comb in just a few minutes. This is a different beast entirely than play dough. It doesn’t hold form, it feels slimey, it drips between your fingers, and if you leave it alone on the table for a few minutes it makes a perfectly flat smooth puddle. Easier to clean up than play dough

    Love the blog, hope you like these activities as much as we do!


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